Veesser Enkweg 54, 8194 LM Veessen
tel +31 (0)578-631 567, mob +31 (0)6 216 311 65



2 persons 3 nights € 290,– Maps and bikes free available

The Netherlands is the perfect place to explore by bike.We have a very good cyclingnetwork. Cycle junctions are a well-know concept in the area Veluwe in the surroundings of Bed and Breakfast Studio Brons. One day you can enjoy cycling or hiking with maps of the region or one of the beautiful Hanseatic town. We will be pleased to provide any information.

On the second evening you will be served a delicious three-couse-dinner (excl. drinks) at "Restaurant De Hoeve van Loo" in Heerde.

Sauna and Wellness-arrangement
2 persons 3 nights € 340,–. Wellness vouchers free.

One day is planned at "De Veluwse Bron" in Emst, which is situated in the middle of the beautyful nature of the N.O. Veluwe.

Another day we propose to visit one of the famous Hanseatic towns, by bikes of car. The landscape and the nature of the IJssel-region is fantastic.

One of the evenings the chef of "Restaurant De Hoeve van Loo" is awaiting you to serve a delicious three-couse-dinner (excl. drinks).

Creative and Art-arrangement
2 persons 3 nights € 340,–

One day we propose you to cycle of hike with maps in the region. We will be pleased to provide any information about art exhibitions and museums in Zwolle, Hattem and Deventer. Of course you can go there by car. The historic tows are within 20 km from Veessen.

Another day you can enjoy a morning or afternoon painting under the guidance of the hostess (artist and teacher art) in the cosy studio on the meadow.

One evening a delicious three-course-dinner (excl. drinks) is served for you at "Restaurant De Hoeve van Loo" in Heerde, let yourself be surprised by the chef who cooks for you with the French touch.